Pooran Dives, Jonty and Sachin Shocked!

Source : twitter

IPL has given some amazing fielding performances, from Pollard’s grabs mid-air to Faf’s dives. Well, it’s the 13th edition of the IPL and it’s still surprising us.
On the third ball of the seventh over, when Murugan Ashwin bowled a back of length delivery to the intimidating Sanju Samson, who was thrashing the white ball all over the park. Samson hit a short-arm jab which went very high and to everyone’s apparent thought for a maximum.

But Nicholas Pooran had other thoughts. He grabbed the ball, threw it inside the boundary rope, and he did all this in mid-air! He dived full length over the rope and converted an obvious six into just 2 runs. Everyone in the field was in awe but some reactions caught our attention.


Jonty Rhodes was seen clapping and bowing from the dugout at Pooran’s effort. The world knows Jonty as the epitome of fielding and his acknowledgment goes to show Pooran’s brilliance.

Sachin Tendulkar took to Twitter to express his marvel at this once in a lifetime fielding effort. And when the Master says that it’s the best he’s seen in his 24 years long international career, it means it was really serious!

Kevin Peterson on commentary called it “T20’s best save ever”

He’s not even an outfield player!

What’s even more shocking and jaw-dropping is that Pooran is a wicket-keeper and he’s out there at the ropes while KL Rahul dons the gloves.



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