Why are RCB fans unhappy with the new RCB Anthem?


Known as one of the most loyal fans of IPL the RCB fans are undoubtedly the best. Even though their team has not performed well in the previous few seasons but yet they always support their team enthusiastically. But then now the RCB fans are slightly upset with their favorite team. And this has happened just a day after RCB launched their new RCB anthem.

The RCB Anthem uploaded on 18th of September.

Source: RCB Twitter

RCB on Instagram dedicated this RCB Anthem to their fans by saying “The Official RCB Anthem is here! And it’s dedicated to the best fans in the world. Time to crank up the volume to the maximum, 12th Man Army” But their fans are unhappy with the use of English and Hindi words and very limited usage of Kannada words. RCB is a team from Karnataka and they love their language Kannada. But RCB Anthem includes mere 4 to 5 sentences in Kannada. The fans took it to twitter and Instagram to show their disappointment.

Twitter & Instagram reactions:

Well without any doubt RCB fans are one of the best in the world. But then they were already upset with inclusion of only 2 Karnataka players Devdutt Padikkal & Pawan Deshpande in the squad. Where as a team like KXIP has got 4 to 5 Karnataka based players. Now to add to that their anthem too lacks Kannada words. Hardly 4 to 5 Kannada words repeated a few times. This is something the RCB management has to address to keep their fans happy.

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